nVidia drivers and glx module problems

I’ve posted about this on the old message boards and on the Mesa list as well to no avail.

I have a small OpenGL/Glut app that displays a grid using GL_LINES and lets the user rotate and tilt the grid using the left mouse button.

This app works fine on my SGI and on win32 but freezes my machine after 2 or 3 seconds of rotating the grid on Linux. Originally it would crash to the login prompt but I narrowed that down to line smoothing. Now my machine freezes. I removed the glut call that changes the cursor too, thinking that was the problem but it still happens.

Anyone else seeing this or better yet, found a fix?


The topic title says “nVidia drivers and glx module”: I assume you are using the Linux GL driver by nVidia…
This drivers are fairly unstable. I too did some tests, and had frequent crashes.
The drivers are implemented with hardware, but not accelerated, and they are in an early development stage.
Try out Mesa software drivers, and see if with that crashes.

minor correction… they ARE hardware accelerated, but they are inefficient and slow.

I haven’t tried using the Mesa drivers directly to see if software only rendering will work. I did try out the new Utah-GLX module and driver and I’m still getting the same problem. Maybe I’ll try upgrading to XFree86 3.3.6 and see if that helps…

I have exactly the same problem. As soon as I use vertex arrays, it crashes badly, even if I have no problem under (software) mesa

immediate rendering (glbegin/glEnd) seems to work normaly (I tried the dinoshade demo successfully without stencil).

Doesn’t nvidia suck? M$ must have them by the balls bad, with the X-Box deal and all. For months I read on nvidia’s site that new XF86 4.0 DRI technology would allow us nvidia users to run hardware accelerated openGL apps in X, but one thing is missing. The drivers. Wanna know how nvidia responds to public email concerning the linux XF86 4.0 drivers? The ‘delete’ function of their mail clients.

I don’t think so. They didn’t put a lot of ressources in Linux, so the development is quite slow…

And I have read that nVidia wants to develop an approved OpenGL implementation under Linux, and for now Mesa is not OpenGL compliant (its only a clone) and XFree86 accelerated drivers are build on top of Mesa.

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Well, thanks for the info, because nvidia sure as hell was not gonna give me any. It’s still rather silly of them to blatantly ignore a customer’s email regarding their product, but questions get answered on a forum that has nothing to do with them.

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