NVidia driver and Kernel upgrade

How can i reinstall NVidia module when upgrading kernel?

I explain: 

	I've upgraded from 2.4.3-20mdk to 2.4.13 (Mamdrake 8.0).
	The NVidia_kernel package (the latest one i guess: NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-1541.mdk80up.i386.rpm)
	'likes' to install in:
		/lib/modules/2.4.3-20mdk/kernel/drivers/Video/NVdriver (the old kernel modules dir)
	while the new kernel modules dir is /lib/modules/2.4.13/..
	So, what i have to do?
	The NVidia docs say that the module is for 2.4.x kernel family. So i think that simply copying
	the module in the new directory and adjusting XF86Config-4 could be a nice solution...but...you know ..
	....i feel a sort of fear when rebooting in such a uncertainty!! The beauty of Linux!!

On simple way to achieve this is to download

to make rpm --rebuild NVIDIA-kernel-xxxx.src.rpm

it will create a new rpm in /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i686/ (if you are on a pentium machine)

install this one


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