NVIDIA 52.16 buffer flipping mode


I’m seeing a performance issue with the buffer flipping mode selection on these drivers. This only seems to happen in full screen modes.

If I choose “auto select” (which the tooltip help says chooses the best method) then I get lower frame rates than selecting “Use block transfer”. This seems to be the case throughout until I select a 32bpp display mode with a resolution of 1024x768 or greater in which the performances swap.

The difference I’m seeing is between 10-15% and is on both VAR and VBO pipelines.

Surely choosing the best method should give me equal to or better than the other options?

Does anyone else get this or am I just going nuts? My set up is a GF4 Ti4600 on Win2k SP4.


You have vertical blank synchronisation set to always off, haven’t you?

Certainly do.

I should have said that the FPS I’m getting are in the order of 600-700FPS so that kinda rules out vsync issues.

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