NVIDIA 310.70 std140 layout bug in SSBO

I think I have found a driver bug.

struct Type {
  ivec2 member0;

layout(std140, binding = 0) buffer Buffer {
  int data0; // offset 0
  Type data1; // BUG: offset is 8 but should be 16
} g_buffer;

Furthermore, in the following (std430) block dvec3 has base alignment 16 not 32 as it should.

layout(std430, binding = 0) buffer Input0 {
  int data0;
  float data1[5];
  mat3x2 data2;
  double data3;
  double data4[2];
  int data5;
  dvec3 data6; // BUG: offset is 80 but should be 96
} g_input0;


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