nVidia 260.XX NvXDSync takes 100% core


I have a problem with the nVidia 260.XX drivers series, both 260.63 and 260.89 releases.

After installation a program call “NvXDSync” is more or least taking 100% of one CPU core and completely smalling down the entire system so badly that I have to go back to the old 259.31 drivers.

Anyone else has experienced the same problem? Any work around?
I tried to only copy the DLLs in the system directory but I have an error message with the last 260.89

You should post the question on the mailing group. :wink:
I’ve been using 260.63 on my laptop (Windows Vista 32-bit SP2) since their release without any problems.

You’ve said that you had installed NvXDSync separately. I’ve probably misunderstood something, because it is a part of drivers bundle. Check your version on the following site:

I did it already :stuck_out_tongue:
I forgot a coma :wink: I meant after drivers installation.

I just found a fix: The issue is a service called “NVSvc” / “nVidia Driver Helper Service”… It makes me this of the old Office Helper, more a pain that anything else.

I disable this service to start and everything is back to normal! :slight_smile:

This problem is fixed with drivers 260.99

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