NVIDIA 190.18.04 drivers using geometry shaders

I noticed the recent release of the nvidia beta drivers supporting opengl 3.2 (190.18.04) no longer says that geometry shaders had to be accessed through extensions when using opengl 3.2, so I thought I’d give them a try. I am having an issue with them however. When using glShaderSource to load the geometry source into the geometry shader object, it seems to cause my other shaders to stop working. I don’t even need to compile or attach the geometry shader for it to cause this problem. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

Perhaps I should rephrase my question a bit. Has anyone got geometry shaders to work with an opengl 3.2 context on nvidia hardware, not using extensions?


Thank you for your response. Now that I know the problem doesn’t exist in the driver, it must be my code.

  • Be sure to use gl_in[] rather than gl_PositionIn[] and friends from the extension spec.
  • Define your input/output sizes (e.g. layout(points) in; layout(triangle_strip, max_vertices = 4) out)

GLSL section of the quick ref card is awfully handy here…

Thanks for the hints. I got it all figured out. I was using more VBOs than I had allocated and as a side effect was causing me these issues. Got the tutorial posted up on the wiki if anyone’s interested.