nv77.18 stereo option disappeared for quadros

I’m getting no replies from nvidia, so I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.
There appears to be no way of “enabling stereo api” in the latest quadro drivers (77.18).
I’ve trawled through their pdf manual, but the options they say are there simple aren’t.
This is a problem as I’m now fully committed to FBO (which is only available in the newer drivers),
but also still need stereo.
It seems to be a problem for all driver revisions since FBO’s were introduced!
I’ve tested them on FX1000’s and FX1300’s on a wide range of machines and got nothing.
Anyone else?

Never had that problem, but didn’t use stereo recently.
Look in the display control panel under Performance and Quality Settings and switch the View from Basic to Advanced.
I see “Enable stereo” and “Stereo display mode” listed there.
If that doesn’t help you could also install the 77.72 drivers. Just works for me.

Yes, that’s where the manual says the options are these days, but not on these machines!
I’ve tried 77.72, but get the same problem.
If I roll back to pre-FBO drivers the option appears again (although back in its old place - the Advanced OpenGL section).

Can you try and do a clean reinstall of the driver and see if the stereo options show up again?

If that doesn’t fix it, please email me your system specs, video bios version, etc… and we’ll try and reproduce internally and let you know what is going on.

What do you mean exactly by ‘do a clean’?
Have you some kind of application for cleaning?
I’ve tried nvCleaner, but still get the same problem.
Bear in mind this is on 3 different machines with 3 different quadros.
The machines are dell workstations, all running XP service pack 1.

Try http://www.drivercleaner.net

Found out the problem.
Although it’s not documented anywhere, the stereo options are hidden when you’ve got ‘Dual View’ enabled - ‘Dual View’ is where the driver advertises two graphics cards to Windows, allowing you to have different resolutions/refresh rates on each of your two monitor outputs. The ‘stereo’ options miraculously become available if you go into single display or span mode.
Stereo always worked in ‘Dual View’ before, but apparently not now. It would be really nice if nVidia could mention this either in their driver release notes (all of which I trawled through) or their driver manual (pdf) <said through gritted teeth>