NV_vertex_program support

What drivers implement the NV_vertex_program extension for OpenGL? do only the NT’s one do so?

All detonators above 7.50 support GL_NV_vertex_program as well as 7.17 (this odd one is due to a change in nVidia’s numbering system). The extension should be supported under all Windows flavors (except 3.1 !) which includes 9x,ME,NT,2000…



I installed version 11.01 and the extension is not valid.

What about texture shader and evaluator?

>>I installed version 11.01 and the extension is not valid.

Which graphics boards support the emulation?
Which one do you have?
Did you try the 10.80, too.

No I didn’t try the 10.80. and I have Geforce 2 Ultra.

I am running Win2K with Detonator 11.01 and I have the extension for my GeForce DDR.

Can you post the string returned by glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) ? What is your configuration (OS, Service Pack, …) ?

For texture shaders, you need a GeForce3 or you can enable NV20 emulation by tweaking the registry (cannot remember the exact thing to do but it must be somewhere on the net). The emulation is painfully slow though…



Let me add, that he meant NV20 emulation is painfully slow, but vertex programs in software are very usuable.

Just to add 11.01 definitly do support vertex programs.


Don’t always trust what the extensions string tells you. Just try and get the function pointer anyway, sometimes it succeeds when it’s not advertised in the extensions string.
I’ve found this on a couple of Wildcats in the past.

The extensions string is the only reliable indicator of what extensions are supported. Please do not follow kieranatwork’s advice.

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