Nv var not valid in multi-thread with glx

hi all !

it’s been a while i was not here. many works for me, and many things to do, to think…

I started OpenGL with multi-thread some months a while. I use glx in order to draw.

my problem is that:

i have some threads (using pthread), and one make the rendering, one other makes the interactivity, one other manage the game.
almost 3 times out of 4, when starting my graphic engine, the program could not find out a valid NV VAR (with something like glGetBoolean( GL_NV_VAR_VALID, &value) and so almost all times, it fails: in fact, value is false.
With no multi-thread, i have not this problem. When i had a simple poor multi thread (with only 2 threads, and only one for all the graphic), i have no problem.

It’s very frustrating to see my demo crash due to this.
In fact, it did not crash when knowing this value, it crashes when loading textures after that (in the same thread!).

Could anyone help me please ? This is the only problem of my engine, so it’s not til good as it fails at start…

thanks in advance.


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