I was wondering if anyone knew of a URL to a good NURBS tutorial? Or perhaps a book on the subject? I have the red book, the Angel book, and the Super Bible, yet I still feel that all of them don’t go into enough depth when it comes to NURBS. The most any of those three books show is at most one example, sometimes not even a complete one. I would really appreciate a more in-depth approach.


Hi !

One of the best is “The NURBS Book” by Les Piegl and Wayne Tiller, ISBN: 3-540-61545-8.

This explains the math behind the nurbs and also how to implement almost all kinds of functions related to nurbs with psuedo “C” code as examples.

It is not OpenGL related so you will not find any information about OpenGL in it, but is is a very good book when it comes to understand how nurbs work.