NURBS surface patch Tesselations

Where can I find any open source code that can tesselate a NURBS surface patch? I have many such pathces stiched together to form the surface. I want to go from this parameteric representation to a simple polygonal rep.

I tried to find some utilities to do this, but they are either not open souce and directly render the tesselations on the screen (e.g. SGI inventor)

AFAIK there are no real good tesselators available as open source yet. The problem gets even worse if you have multiple patches stitched together (plus additional trim curves). The hard part is to find out something about the topology of the patches and stitch them together. SGI’s Cosmo3D/Optimizer package was real good with this, but it is no longer available. They have moved everything to performer, but I think performer does not qualify as open source yet :wink:

OpenSG will feature NURBS tesselation in the upcoming version. But don’t ask for a release date … I simply don’t know it


Very funny thing,

today the NURBS support has been checked into the cvs. So why not give it a try :wink:


Thankx a lot!
This looks like something that I can use. I will have to extract the code that I need and test it. But, it looks promising :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help.


you might also try some of these packages: