NURBS problem

I’v read <<OpenGL Programming Guide, Sixth Edition>>, especially, Chapter 12: Evaluators and NURBS. Everything is well until I try the examples of the GLU NURBS Interface, when the program doesn’t passed for the gl/glu.h doesn’t include the macro GLU_NURBS_MODE. So I wonder the version of my OpenGL system is low, because my OS is Windows XP, the version is only 1.1 that Windows OS only supported. I want to get 2.1 version of OpenGL on Windows OS or other way that NURBS can be rendered and tessellated, Could You Help me, please? Waiting for your reply.

You could always try Mesa, which may or may not include an updated/enhanced version of GLU, dunno.

gluGetString(GLU_VERSION) reports “ Microsoft Corporation” on a Vista PlatformSDK install (6.0A), for what that’s worth to you.

Thanks for hinting me. so How can I get 2.1 version GLU library on Windows XP OS?

Have you checked the wiki?

Anyways I’m hardly a GLU expert so I’ll defer to someone who is. (Though I will say that 2.1 sounds kinda high for GLU…)

If GLU_NURBS_MODE doesn’t exist, then why don’t you just add it yourself?

#define GLU_NURBS_MODE                     100160