Nurbs, glu.h - Sampling Tolerance is not working

Hello there,

Just posted the same under “OpenGL under Windows”. But get no reply, so i try it again here. Please give me some hints.

My Problem is using NURBS with my configuration. Pleace watch my signature to know, with IDE I´m using.
I can´t find, which version of OpenGL/Glut i´m using (I´m a beginner). But all my OpenGL Projects worked fine since I´ve started with NURBS.

I wanted to use the


option, but get the Error massage:

>> undeclared (first use this function)

I´ve imported also <GL/GLUT.h> and <GL/GLU.h> in my C++ file.
All projects in the past worked fine, as i said, so I´m thinking, there is no problem with the linking-stuff to my GLUT.h, GLU.h, and GL.h files.
Also I´ve watched the GLU.h entries. In the Nurbs section are only following entries:

/* NurbsDisplay /
#define GLU_OUTLINE_POLYGON 100240
#define GLU_OUTLINE_PATCH 100241

and all the Nurbs Error Callback stuff.

So I´m trying to find a newer version of the GLU.h file, because i´ve seen more entries in this file on a UnixSystem. But all new OpenGL-GLUTs for Windows I´ve founded for download, contain only GLUT.h files, *.lib files and *.dll files.
So I´m still missing a new GLU.h file.

Tell me, is it really a so big problem using NURBS under Windows?
Is it possible just coping the UnixSystem GLU.h to my Windows system to get also all the Nurbs Options?

Perhaps I have a big problem about the OpenGL-Managment under Windows. So would you pleace be so kind to give a short overview, what different possibilities I´ve got to use OpenGL under Windows. (Heard somthing about MESA and GLext. file??? big"?")

!HOMBRE! - All projects worked fine!!! So I´am bit confused!!

Thanks a lot for you Informations.
Best regards