Nurbs Evaluators

Just wondering if someone can let me know if I’m going at this the right way. I’ve been drawing some curves using glMap1 and glEvalCoord etc and that works fine. Now I want to actually get the XYZ values of the points generated. My thoughts are to set up a feedback buffer with GL_3D enabled and render the curve in feedback mode. Will this give me the XYZs in the feedback buffer? If not, is there another/better way…? Thanks for the help.

hi geodude,

could you tell me how do you draw “some” curves ??

which part of the program do you control??? interate the glMap1 or glEvalCoord or ctrlpoints???


I would strongly recommend you to write your own bezier curve renderer using the equations here:
Or another type of curves you need. The GL evaluators is an old and more or less deprecated feature (because noone is actually interested in it).