NURBS and its applications

hi all

i already snet my problem.i didnt get reply.
may be my question was not clear.

thats why i am sending one more.

i am working in openGL’s NURBS concept.
by using nurbs concept i am drawing curves and surfaces.

actually i wanto get peeling effect from the cube surface by moving this nurbs surfaces.

for that i am moving control points of that nurbs surfaces.
i.e hwen i am pressing one key on the keyboard i am moving the control points.

i want to move the control point the mouse pointer
on the dispaly window wherever i move the mouse pointer that specific control point should move to that point.

thsi si my problem.

thanking u

Hi !

It’s a bit tricky, you can always use gluProject and gluUnproject to map´the mouse to the OpenGL viewport, but if you have your curves and surfaces in 3D you have a problem, because you don’t know the depth to go for, a solution in that case is to have a plane of some form that defines where you have the depth.