nuke 4.7 Insufficient GL support - requires opengl


installed nuke 4.7. when i click the application i get
this error with several prompts opened up with the same message “Insufficient GL support - requires opengl”

using vista.
got nvidia 128 graphics card.

please help and advice. thanks

Download and install your video drivers from Nvidia.

Btw, is that nvidia riva 128 (10 years old) ??? I hope that “128” is just the video memory size in Mb, otherwise your are stuck …

You need to know the real model of your card.

hey thanks … looking into it.
really appreciate.

this is the graphics card i got.

NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache™ (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) [Display adapter]

Btw, which OS are you running?

OP said he is using Vista.

Anyway, this is almost a signature : “Microsoft Corporation - WDDM”

A thousand pardons. That was a total brain fart on my part.

I was just reading about leopard in another thread and I saw that Nuke had trouble with it… thought I’d be clever but it backfired on me :o