NT issue/graphics card

On doing a search i noticed others have had similar issues in the past, but id like to get some fresh viewpoints.
My app was getting an illegal instruction assertion when i attempted to run, but only on NT4 machines (so i assumed it to be an NT issue). On investigating, discovered it was the video card driver (ATION4AA.dll). So now i can run my app with 256 colors, but no more than that or i get the assertion. And with 256, i cant see anything. I went to the ATI site and downloaded the driver again, but same problem.
Im running Pentium II, 650 MHz, 128 RAM, ATI Rage 128 AGL, 64 MB.
Ive also tried the app on 2 NT4 machines with the same result.

ATI cards on NT boxes are actually very good for openGL (it terms of compatibility).

I’d start looking at your code, the fault is unlikely to be the drivers or an NT issue. NT is however, much less tolerant of page faults and memory issues than 2K & 9x.

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Sounds like it is time to use your interactive debugger to see what line of your code is misbehaving.

Problem was that the current service pack on the machines was sp4. Loaded sp6a and all is well.