NT and the many many windows

I was wondering if I could get your input on my problem? Pretty please with sugar on top.

What I’m trying to find out is if somebody else has tried this and suceeded, failed, or failed and then suceeded. I know what I have to do here is somewhat silly, but we have a lot of legacy code to worry about.

Anyway, what I need to do is take a parent window and create 150+ child windows and splatter them about the screen. Each window will have an RC attached to it. Underneath these child windows GDI graphics will be happily buzzing along. In the child windows, however, I need to have accelerated OpenGL; we are presently trying 3dLabs Oxygen cards and Matrox G400 cards.

The good side is that this works just fine in 95/98, but when we run this in NT/2000 the system hangs. Most of the time it hangs on a wglMakeCurrent command, but not always. Different cards handle this differently, but they all crash in NT/2000.

Theories? I would be more than happy to post code or email anybody directly.

Thank you in advance!