NPOT & auto mipmapping

Does anybody know if GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two is supporting auto mipmap generation in hardware? Meaning, once per frame for dynamic textures? I am running on a Geforce6800 with the newest driver (78.01) and I get really bad and inconsistent performance.

Well I havent tried it per-frame myself, but I have used it before. It didnt seem to work for all textures though. Mipmaps were sometimes generated slightly skewed, and I doubt it was my loading code!

This whitepaper from nVidia might help:

NPOT mipmapping

Thanks rexguo for the link.
Although there was no meantioning of hardware acceleration, I presume when they go into length on software algorithms there simply is no hardware support.
In case realtime mipmapping is needed I will just stick with POT textures.