i’m beginner.what is the easiest way to begin . when i wrote a program from tutorial or book to run it ,there was errors which i cann’t deal with.

the advanced question : can i use object which is created by 3D STUDIO MAX in my proram instead to draw it in low level language.

thank you for help

If you can post the exact error msg, maybe someone on here can assist with deciphering it?

If you haven’t already visited nehe:

Good luck.

You can load 3D Studio Max file format but OpenGL doesn’t do it automatically. If you want to do it have to use other API or find a resource that allows to load the file format. Some person hit me up on this site and I do believe that it has the source to load 3D Studio Max but you may have to pay extra money to do animations and load it. I am kind of sure they give the source to load it for free but if it is on the CD then you’ll have to shell out $30 for the CD.