not using hardware acceleration for opengl?

I have a GEFORCE 256 card and win2000. I downloaded the latest driver and installed it from nvidia.

But, I do this:

char card = (char)glGetString(GL_VENDOR);
printf("3D Card Vendor: [%s]
card = (char*)glGetString(GL_RENDERER);
printf("3D Card : [%s]

and it says “Microsoft Corporation” and “GDI Generic”.

But under hardware devices in windows it says it is using the nvidia driver.

I tried setting my desktop to a low resolution, but that didn’t help.

in the registry under WindowsNT\currentversion\opengldrivers, its default says nothing. Also it has a folder for RIVATNT (That seems strange)

The dxdiag shows my NVidia 256.

Does my bit depth matter?

Could somebody please help me? Thanks!

Are you checking the Vendor and Renderer values after creating the GL rendering context?


Do you have a tool that can enumerate the available pixelformats? This may help in determining why the pixel format that you are choosing is not hardware accelerated.


Don’t worry about the RIVATNT key in the registry, that is normal. I see it in the registry of every computer that has a TNT or Geforce, and I assume it has to do with the unified nature of the NVIDIA drivers and/or legacy issues.

Do you know where I could get that tool?

Is there a standard pixel format that I should set my program to when initializing, that should 100% use hardware acceleration on a GEFORCE256?

I got it working now! I had to change my desktop to 32 bit color. I guess the card doesn’t support anything lower than that?

Thanks for the help guys. :wink: