Not support overlay in OpenGL,why?

My graphic card is GeForce2 Go, I want to use
overlay in QT,but it doesn’t support overlay in OpenGL.Is this a software reason or hardware reason,how to do it?

GeForce2 GO and GeForce2 MX don’t support overlays (in hardware) afaik.

I don’t know about other GeForces and I’ve simply never tried doing it on my GF3TI200.

Thanks for your replying! But could you tell me which card is supported(common card we can buy)?

Most of the pro versions of cards can do it.

I believe that the following do…
-The ATI 8800 – I’ve seen these in the local Frys for around $300 or so.

The NVidia Quatro series. – I’m not sure of a retailer for these, but you could buy it online.


I use RedHat Linux 7.3, can this OS detect these professional card and install drivers automatic? If not, how to install that drivers? I think it is difficult to install drivers in Linux.
I remember a case in Windows, once I can’t play Quake3 because of not installing the driver NVidia provide, Windows can install the driver automatic. Everytime I enter the game, a message about OpenGL error is shown. I install the NVidia’s driver, it’s OK. Will Linux exist this problem? For example, if you don’t install the driver, you still can’t use overlay in OpenGL.

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Of course you have to install drivers… how do you want the card to work properly without drivers?
In ANY OS… the drivers that come algong with OS release are not the ones you should use.

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