Not gl related: directory browsing

Sorry, but I didn’t know where else to post this. I am trying to have my engine be able to search for all the files available in its directory. Anyone have a link to something demonstrating how to read directories on a win32 platforms?


Thanks, but I was hoping for more of a way to get a directory listing (or did that do it, and I just missed it??)

That, in addition to _findnext (which that page also links to) can be used to construct a filtered or unfiltered directory listing. And with some recursion you can also easily implement directory tree searches. On the other hand if you are only wanting the directory listing so the user can pick a file, there is a much easier way by using the Open file common dialog box.

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Speaking of _findfile, does anyone know if there is a _findfile equivalent to handle accessing computers/drives/files over a LAN?

Sorry, I don’t know where to post this:

my Holden Commodore SS has problems with its macpherson strut. I don’t think the dirct acting stabilisier bar is working together with the progressive rate coil springs. Any ideas what I can do to fix?


Have the dealer take look at it.

I’m sorry…won’t let it happen again