Not getting a hardware context in Windows

Hi all,

So I’ve been trying to get a hardware-rendering context, and want to use a window-opening API.

But: Both in SFML and SDL I am unable to get any extensions. Compiling glewinfo to glewinfo.exe does get a hardware context, and can load extensions up to OpenGL 3.1.
Checking where they differ: I have no idea. They all make a PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR with sensible values, create a window, get a new one with ChoosePixelFormat, and create a context. I have been fiddling with colordepth, bits per pixel and stencilbuffers to no avail…
Google returns no more pages. I’ve read them all.

There’s no errors. At all. Just a plain old boring window with OpenGL 1.1.

Thanks in advance.



At all?

Witch version of SDL are you using?
Only SDL 1.3 create openGL 3.x context.

And how do you create the context in SFML?

You need to use wgl create context ARB to use ogl 3.x.

You are getting a 1.1 context? Not even a 2.1? Are you sure?

Yes I’m su…

Nevermind. More testing revealed that the problem has moved elsewhere, but I was still looking at this one…

Thanks! Sometime you just need to be asked a simple question from someone else, I guess…