Normal Mapping. Problem

Hey, i would like to ask if i have done something wrong in my code because my normal mapping looks kinda strange. I am using Assimp to generate tangents and upload them to the vertex shader, and a flat .obj plane (that has normals,uvs)

Here is the Relevant code from the vertex and fragment shaders.

Vertex Shader

vec3 n = normalize((T_model * vec4(s_vNormal,0.0)).xyz);
vec3 t = normalize(( T_model * vec4(s_vTangent,0.0)).xyz);
t = normalize(t - dot(t,n) * n);
vec3 biTangent = cross(t,n);
tbnMatrix = mat3(t,biTangent,n);

Fragment Shader

vec3 unitNormal = texture2D(normalMap,fTexCoord).xyz;
unitNormal = (255.0/128.0 * unitNormal) - 1.0;
unitNormal = normalize(tbnMatrix * unitNormal);

Other light Relevant code

//vLight - light position in world space
//toCameraVector - vector to camera;
//toLightVector - vector to light;

for(int i=0; i<MAX_LIGHTS; i++) {
		toLightVector[i] = (vLight[i] - worldPosition).xyz;
	toCameraVector = (inverse(mView) * vec4(0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0)).xyz -;

If i remove tbnMatrix from the fragment shader equasion , the result looks more similar to a normal map rather than if i leave it there. I will post some screen shots.
With TBN matrix : normalize(tbnMatrix * unitNormal);

Without TBN matrix : normalize(unitNormal);

I guess the problem has something to do with lights. Should i multiply light vectors with the TBN matrix as well ?