non power of two texture mipmaps

testing my program on some older ATI cards (x1950 and some mobiles ones) i have major problems with non power of two textures and mipmaps.

I am creating mipmaps like this


This works fine with nvidia … but on ATI no mipmaps are generated and I get weird corruption with some of the textures. The ATI cards I’ve tested claim opengl 2.1 and specifically they list the extension


Which according to the spec

When this extension is supported, mipmapping, automatic mipmap     generation, and all the conventional wrap modes are supported for     non-power-of-two textures

So what gives ? Is this a known fuck up on ATI cards ? How can I handle this. I don’t really want to revert back to using gluBuild2DMipmaps. I’ve tried using the FBO extension to generate mipmaps but that doesn’t seem to work either.

some older ATI cards (x1950 and some mobiles ones)

Those cards are probably only supported on very old drivers with many bugs in them :slight_smile:

Instead of using GL_GENERATE_MIPMAP you might also use
glGenerateMipmapEXT() (if EXT_framebuffer_object is supported) or
glGenerateMipmap() (if ARB_framebuffer_object is supported or GL3.0+)
to explicitly generate the mipmaps.

EXT_framebuffer_object is supported,
but no glGenerateMipmapEXT() doesn’t work either