No OpenGL in Vista?

I just wanted to share this hilarious gem from the Vista beta 2 Release Notes :

“Half Life Counterstrike will not completely start in Direct3D mode. To avoid this, contact your video card vendor to obtain the appropriate OpenGL driver and run the game in OpenGL mode.”

the solution


Originally posted by tamlin:
I just wanted to share this hilarious gem
:smiley: It really is! Thank you! :wink:

I actually use that solution. Very nice GUI and my friends thinks so too. Installing graphics drivers was easy.

lol for the D3D stability :smiley:

im almost positive that it isnt a GL prob, i heard that vista was going to have a new version of directX, and that it wasnt backwards compatible.

im not arguing, just curious if i am right

yes, you are right about that

Well, DX10 is vista only, but that doesn’t mean DX1-DX9 won’t work. All your old DirectX titles should work in Vista, but obviously things are still in beta so it’s not surprising if some apps break. I would expect this to be fixed before Vista is released.

expect this to be fixed before Vista is released.
should read :
“expect this to be fixed if Vista is released.”

DX10 will support DX7 to 9. Anything earlier is killed. DX7 to 9 will run through a emulation layer that will put that fixed function code through DX10’s shader only.

That’s actually what GL drivers must be doing on some GPUs.

Would be funny if someone made DX10->OGL wrapper, and suddenly DX10 would cease to be Vista exclusive :slight_smile:

Theoretically… In practice it just doesn’t work.

The WINE project (and it’s commercial rip-off cedega) try to write a DX9->OGL wrapper for some years now, and it works only for some very popular games, but not in the general case.