No Idea What I Am Doing


When it comes to programming I am great put not at installing things. I having problems get OpenGl to work it always says I am missing “.h” files. Then when I add them it tells me I have undeclared functions.

I know this request will sound big but, I will gratefully for you until I die. Which is about 60 years from now (if I die when I am 74).


Could some kind of person give me the link of what I need to download and where to put the file on my computer? Also could you give me one link to a tutorial?

Thank you so much in advance you have no idea how much this means to me.

By the way I have Visual C++ and Dev C++ on Windows XP

Well for visual C++ if you want to download glut files you can go here and download it from the opengl downloads section. The instructions come with the downloads.