No hard / only software rendering

I am developing on mac OS 10.1.3 and I can only get software rendering. I use sample code from apple’s “Carbon Setup GL”. Running in fullscreen mode 640x480 16bit . When I set the attributes to fAcceleratedMust or AGL_ACCELERATED I get the messages “Renderer check failed” or “Could not find valid pixel format” ???

Can it have something to do with my hardware: ( iMac 333mhz 192mb 6mb video) ??

BTW not any renderer has video ram.

MacOSX 10.1.3 (and less) don’t have hardware acceleration for ATI Rage Pro graphics cards, which from your description is probably what you have.

Rumor has it that 10.2 will provide OpenGL acceleration for those cards, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…


I hold my breath for 10.2

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