No glRotatef/Translatef within glBegin/End?

To simplify my question - is there any way to draw some of the vertexes in a tri/quad, and then call glRotatef before the primitive is finished, to change the positions of the last vertexes.

For example, can I draw the bottom 2 vertexes in a flat quad, and then rotate x degrees using glRotatef, draw the last 2 vertexes, so now the quad is no longer flat?

This could be done using custom transform routines, but I can’t be arsed. I would rather have OpenGL do it.

nope…, inside a glBegin/glEnd no way you can use glRotatef , not allowed., but i think you can create your own functions to rotate the vertex, and then just feed the result to glVertex3f.


Thought so. I’m just going to look at the Mesa source now for custom 3D rotation etc.

I think I’ll request this feature on the other message board now

This sounds like something you could accomplish pretty easily with a vertex program - though the semantics would be different from glRotate,etc.