No ARB_multisample on Geforce 2 ??


2 days ago i used the pixelformat extension for the first time. (With the new drivers it didn´t crash!)
Now i wanted to enable antialiasing. However i discovered, that my driver does not support the multisample extension.
So how do i enable antialiasing then?

I can enable it under windows, and then my OpenGL app uses it. Also i know, that Direct3D apps can enable it (Max Payne). But how does my OpenGL app enable it without the multisample extension ?


The GeForce 2 only does super sampling, not multi sampling. The ARB_multi_sample spec isan’t vague enough to allow super smapling implementations apparently. I’m not sure if there is any way for the application to control FSAA. Try searching these forums though, there have been threads on this before.