Next Step an NT version of Open GL

when is there gonna be an NT version of Open gl out as we all know win2000 has Just been released … will they ever get round to making one? is it Possible to make one ?.. i have games and im told if i Move to win2k i cant run any of them … ? is this fair seen as though win 2k’s set to replace 98 and 95 ??

ne one else have thoughts on this or is ne one else willing to sell there left NUT to get a copy of Open GL for NT ?? …

< im serious too my left nut is up for grabs here ppl … >

huh?? what are you talking about??
all OpenGL stuff I know of works just fine in both NT 4.0 and windows 2000… all of my OpenGL proggies have ran just beautifully in 2000, as do all my OpenGL games (Quake III, specifically).

Also, this has nothing to do with SGI and OpenGL… it’s up to Microsoft, or hardware manufacturers, to implement OpenGL for a given platform/hardware.

What about Linux? And what about catching up to DirectX 8 features??? I hope OpenGL will do something, cuz Micro$ucks is getting it’s tentacles pretty tight in this area…

Also confused by this Q… OpenGL has been part of NT for ages. Last I heard, there will be a new release with Win2000 SP2 which will bring the generic implementation up to 1.2 including the optional imaging subset.