Newer opengl versions?

Greetings to all.

I’m new to the forum, but not new to OpenGL and
to Java3D.

I still have Sun’s v1.1 opengl.dll from awhile ago,
and a java3d program I’m writing with a HUD from is acting strange.
It works fine under java3d v1.3, but under 1.4 or
1.5, the hud window outlines and background
(whether translucent or opaque) disappear.
I’ve tried recompiling the HUD code, to no avail.
I’m thinking it’s my opengl version, and I tried
to look up new versions, to no avail.

Most posts say the new versions are bundled with
video card drivers from vendors, and I’ve
updated my work and home systems with the
latest ATI catalyst drivers, but the old
v1.1 of opengl.dll is still there.

Anyone had a similar issue ?

Tom C.

opengl.dll is deprecated since a long time ago.
Normally you have opengl32.dll instead (MS software implementation). Hardware accelerated drivers then piggyback on it.

So you should link to opengl32.dll to get hardware acceleration.

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