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I’m relatively new to Linux and C programming (in my first year as a CS major), but I’d like to try my hand at OpenGL. Mesa is installed on my Linux box, but I don’t even know where to begin. Can anyone point me to a good on-line tutorial? I seem to only be able to find info on developing for Windows (yuck!). Or how about a good introductory book?


the openGL “red book” is probably the best way to start. it uses GLUT in its examples, which is a cross platform windowing library specifically designed for use with GL. its actuall title is “OpenGL programming guide” third edition is the latest (i think) but its for openGL 1.2, although there is a newer spec (1.3) i dont know when/if a new edition will come out for the 1.3 spec. they are actually very simmilar (just some minor changes, but they are backwards compatible), so it should be sufficient for what you need.

nehe’s tutorials are rather good, and he does offer a GLUT tutorial, and you should be able to just drop in the code from the other tutorials into his GLUT framework.

I checked out the Red Book from the school library. I also am trying to work my way though the tutorials on nehe’s site.

I downloaded some source code, but I get errors when I try to compile using the given makefile.

This is the error I get:

GLUT: Fatal Error in lesson1: visual with necessary capabilities not found.

lesson1 is the filename that I’m trying to compile.

Do I need to install something?

Thanks for the help!!!

I searched through the posts on this site and found that someone else had the same problem… so, nevermind!! I probably should have searched first ; )

Can someone explain why the error occurs? I runing Linux on a Dell laptop with a ATI mobility graphics chipset.

This is what the guy who figured out the problem had to say:

… figured it out. Using GLUT_ALPHA in the window initilization causes this problem. Fixed when


was changed to


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