Newbie Problem

I am using Mac OS 9.0.4 and Codewarrior 4.0.6 (learning editon) and I am trying to run the Mac OS ports of NEHE’s demos.
When I try to run the executable or run the program from the compiler the program won’t run and I get an error stating that the application could not be opened because “ContextualMenu” could not be found.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks.

I know solution of this problem. Stop wasting time! Delete MacOS and install Windows (98/ME/2000) and youll forget this problems. Its not propagation, its just advice of skilled user. Much better - install Windows and start learning Direct3D, its much more perspective than OpenGL. Windows leader and it is not only my own opinion and opinion of experts. 98% computers in the world uses Windows. So, itll be much more perspective if youll write your super program under Windows (I wish it to you) – you can distribute your program over whole the World. Think about it if you newbie and then tell me about your decision by e-mail ( Thank you. Good luck!

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