Newbie on intel extreme graphics

I just updated my “extreme” graphics driver and clicked on the opengl tab.
I was wondering what the best setting for the Asynchronus flip (yes/no?)
and the Anisotropic filtering (yes/no as well) would be to maximize my fps during gaming.

This should probably go into the “end users” forum, but here goes:

Asynchronous flipping ON usually leads to higher frame rates (that is, vertical sync OFF).

Anisotropic texture filtering is very heavy on memory, which any Extreme Graphics system is going to be very constrained on, so that should be turned OFF for highest frame rate.

Also, inside each game, make sure to turn on BILINEAR filtering if possible, else TRILINEAR – plain LINEAR filtering, or no filtering, is likely to be slower, because it means the card reads from larger parts of the texture.

Also, whenever you can turn “detail level” down, turn it all the way down. The Extreme Graphics systems are really quite constrained on vertex counts as well, because it all happens on the CPU.

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