I am new to open gl i have no idea what to do. I know a fair amount of c++ and if any1 has any resoruces that could help me pls post them thanks

Hi, im also a Newbie :slight_smile: but i started for a Week and I found a good Tutorial Page in the Net http://nehe.gamedev.net/.

There is also a Tutorial for MSVC++ and it is very good.

I’ll echo Giotto’s comment… Nehe is a great resource.

I’d also recommend the following:

[ul][li] OpenGL Programming Guide (Red Book).[*] OpenGL Reference Manual (Blue Book).[/ul][/li]
Hope that helps.

I’ve recently started programming in OpenGL also. I’m using a reference book called “OpenGL Superbible” which is pretty good with a lot of examples and detailed explaination of a lot of concepts.

Nehe (Neon Helium) site is the first site that I went to learn about OpenGL.
First I try to take the sample code in C/C++ that is coded in Visual C++ in the Nehe Tutorial.
Then, I try to compile and run it my own.
That’s is the first way I know how how to start OpenGL programming in Visual C++.
Well, the example is quite complex and complicated since it does not use glut library.
Try to learn about glut and OpenGL and do the OpenGL programming using glut, before advancing to pure OpenGL.

Get a copy of the Red Book. You can find a downloadable copy of it, but it’s such a valuable resource, I’d suggest buying the bound version if you have the cash.

Yeah, It is generaly agreed on this forum that NeHE couple with the RedBook is the best way to go.