Newbie - need to draw a sheet with thickness


I am an experienced windows programnmer but new to OpenGL. To get a start on the application I want to write I need to draw a sheet of wood in 3D and then be able to rotate it arbitrarily. I want to start with an orthographic view for simplicity and move to a perspective view later. I want to draw this using GL_QUADs - is that a good approach? How do I get thickness? When I rotate a single layer (no thickness) in the Z axis it becomes distorted. If I try to rotate in X or Y it disappears…

Can anybody point me to some resources or even some sample code to get me started?

-James Leonard this will get you started.
In general you get thickness by making a flat box(using six quads).


I am reading NeHe now. I made the mistake of jumping ahead before so I have a windows app that ‘sorta’ works but I obviously don’t have enough grounding to even make simple changes predictably.

Thanks for your reply,

-James Leonard