Newbie: Howto create a Screensaver

I would like to create a screensaver. The idea is to take a 2d-image, transform it to a 3d-image, define some effects and let it then run as a screensaver! I know: This is more then one step. However, I would like to comes to result without programming if possible.
Any ideas? Please let me know!

Thanx in advance, Peter

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but how do you plan on writing a screensaver without doing some programming?

Anyway, if you want to know how to write a screensaver (though it does involve some programming) I have a VC++ appwizard I wrote that will give you the starting framework. You can find it at

It is easy to write a screen-saver without programming.

Step 1: turn monitor OFF at the switch when not in use
Step 2: if monitor is OFF and you want to use the computer, then turn monitor ON



John, that’s a great screen saver, I use it all the time (when not using my computer that is). The more effective screen saver I know of. And it must be the easiest screen saver you can write, requires only one key press.


i have optimised this screensaver:

as you can see, i don’t have to move to my screen anymore to press the key there, i have a link directly in the shortcutbar(or how ever called thingy there…)

and, to get back from this mode, i can simply move my trackball or press any key…

now you got impressed!

btw, about screensavers… how about looking at the newest newspost on this very page?

about the newbie in front…
no comment

Still requires a key press to activate, right?

On the other hand, your monitor is still powered on. Our method turns it off, saving even more power.

but as my screen is not that near to me, but my trackball normally is, this one is more easy for me

saving power? hum?! i can take out the cables then… there’s a global switch for everything around, too

It is easy to modify a screen saver to put the monitor into power saving mode (effectively off).

When I said screes saver, I was of course talkning about power save mode, not a simple black screen. But placing the monitor in power saving mode is not the same as turning it off with the power switch (or unplugging the cables as davepermen suggested).

In that case, wouldn’t take to much work to make a screen saver activated Black&Decker weed wacker to pull the plug for you and give you a hair cut at the same time.

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