Newbie - glut.h

Hi I am an absolute beginner. using win200 and microsoft visual studio.h
I have some source code to modify with but am having problems with #include <gl\glut.h> When I compile it says one error, cannot find glut.h I have no idea what I am doing so I am probably missing out something totally obvious.

Any help?


Have you place the glut.h files in the include\GL folder of your compiler?

Do you have the glut include files on your computer. If not, you should be able to find them somewhere here around

Secondly, is gl\glut.h in your include path?

I have the files on my computer.
I have added the glut.h file to my project (I am not that adept with microsoft vc++ though so does this mean it is in the include path). glut.h is in the same directory as my source code.
Thanks. So any more help?

Hi Doug,

Well, firstly, you need to upgrade to windows2000. No one’s used win200 since… ok, that joke’s not going anywhere.

Make sure you’ve got glut.h in your [MS Visual Studio]/vc98/include/gl directory. If you don’t, then you need that plus a couple other things. Go here:
get the goods and read the readme’s.

Oh yeah, and when you create your project, create a new empty win32 console app. Create a file called main.cpp and include it into the project. The only #include line you need at the top is #include <gl/glut.h>. The rest of the file can be any glut program such as the ones in the red book.

No messing with Project --> Settings or anything. Glut is pretty sweet.

Thanks JMG. (and everyone else)
I am ahead of you though. I knew I could remember having a similar problem with opengl so I looked for and openglthingy.h and found where it was so I popped glut.h in there and problem sorted.

er… You need to move glut.h into something like c:\Program Files\Microshaft Visual Studio\vc98\Include\Gl

Then glut32.lib goes in the vc98\lib and then finally, glut32.dll goes into c:\winnt\system32

Then you should be golden.