Newbe question!!

Hi I am trying to start with OpenGL. I would like to know what for books do I need to buy. Now I have buyed C++ Primer Plus (Stephan Prata), than I will buy Programming Windows (Charles Petzold). Are there any other books which do I need to buy before starting with OpenGL?
Thank you
Erik Wertheim

Programming Windows is very good, is a must. If you’re learning C/C++, you should try Bjarnes books, or Thinking in C++ book (very good, and you can find it online) and Teach yourself C++ in 21 days (another good book that can be found online too.).

You don’t need to know a lot of winapi in my opinion. Actually, if you’re useing glut, you don’t need to know anything about glut.
Also, many people ( including me and many others) find Teach Yourself anything in 24/7/24 hours/days (years) to be useless.