NEWB: Getting Blank window With NEHE tutorial 2

does anyone know a why I would get a blank window when compiling the second Nehe tutorial? The project is built up from the “Setting up for Mac OS X tutorial.” Sorry for the simple question, but I am really new to OpenGL, and could use some help getting started. thanks for your help.

Project Builder or CodeWarrior? Your OpenGL window is blank or your project window is blank?

I’m using project builder and the december '02 dev tools on 10.2.4. The blank window shows up at the compiled app’s startup (I think the window is supposed to have the OpenGL view in it, and otherwise the app seems responsive).

Sorry, I was kinda vague. Let me know of other details that might be useful to know

Anything printed in the Project Builder console? Blank as in white, black, stripy window background, or what?

If you want to avoid the interrogation, send me your project at onesadcookie ( and I’ll try to take a look at it.

OnesadCookie, I fired off an email to you, thanks again for your help. I am still quite new to programming with OpenGL, so I am still not sure what details are helpful for troubleshooting problems (something that seems to only come from experience). Next time I post, I’ll try to be a lot more specific.

You’re just missing a call to glutSwapBuffers() at the end of your DrawGLScene() function.

glutSwapBuffers() just tells OpenGL that you’re done drawing this frame and you’d like it to become visible on the screen.

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