New WebSite - Looking for people to help me build this 3DWORLD

I have created a great 3dWorld program called BIOS3DWORLD located at the following:
Download the zip files and tell me what you think. I am looking for people to help me improve this, to end up making a profit and enter the gaming world.

Ehm… that’s ment as joke, isn’t it? :open_mouth:

If not… then… well, don’t want to demotivate you, but that’s with distance the ugliest scene I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The landscape texture seems to be like 32x32 stretched over the whole world. No shading… buildings look like WWII is just over…
… the links for the files are all dead… the background color of the homepage burned my eyes out… so… well…


Oh leave the poor chap alone! I used to be blue-skyed out on making a game like this with my Acorn Atom (12k!).

Although I have to say, if I knew what I know now, back then, I could have made squillions as a bedroom developer (no, I don’t mean interior design). Unfortunately, then as now, I’m a couple of years behind everybody else! (and this guy will get his bubble burst quite soon I think).

Its sad but true.

Good effort!

PROCESSOR (CPU) 1.3ghz min: 800mhz
RAM 128mb min: 64mb
VIDEO Card 64mb min: 32mb
Monitor (17inch) Resolution 1280x1024 640x480

why the high requirements?

You’ve gotta be careful these days. When someone says they have been working on some 3d computer game for 4 years, they may very well be 4 years old!

If the picture texture mapped on those buildings is of the programmer, then I’m incredibly impressed, and you should be too.

Good Work!

(Of course, if this is some >16 year old programmer then the fact that I think he’s a kid speaks for itself)

Quaternion, that’s easy:


(one time per frame):

and whoops you need 128 MB more RAM and a GeForce 3 although you just draw 100 polygons . wouldn’t be surprised by the way if something like this is in every 3rd of microsoft’s XP libraries lol .


p.s. Robbo: All I say is TextQuake!

For your info, people, I only do this as a hobby, a couple of hours every couple of days. The comments on what I have done, are appreciated, but talking about a 4 year old or this is the work of a bedroom programmer, or whatever, is simply either showing YOUR “ignorance” and “stupidity” of programming, and systems analysis and design. I am only a ONE PERSON programmer on this, idiots. Perhaps you might want to share with others, what you have done, and be able to prove your work, not just talk S…T!. I think the comments that people have made is simply showing both of these things. GROW UP D… S… I realize that talking to IDIOTS such as yourselves (BLACKJACK, ROBBO). The idea is to get the programming to work, THEN, work on the cosmetics of graphics, and so on… But so much on WASTING MY TIME TALKING TO THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOUR TALKING TO ON THE INTERNET, PERHAPS 10 year olds…

You’re saying you put 1460 hours into this, and these are your results?

It’s perfectly fine to post your projects on the web and have people comment on them. That’s how you learn.

What I think kindled some animosity was the sentence: “I am looking for people to help me improve this, to end up making a profit and enter the gaming world.” As in: getting from “here” to “there” is Really Frickin Hard. Companies with 20 people building their own engine and game for two years frequently don’t end up turning a profit. What, exactly, makes your offering superior to theirs?

but that’s with distance the ugliest scene I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

He never said he is an artist. It’s obvious that he is using programmer art b/c he is the only one working on this. Just like a lot of us. It’s fine and all if some people are very good artists and programmers at the same time, yet most of us programmers are not that lucky.

rlbanister, I dont know why you took so much offense to robbo’s comments, he didnt dog your work. O well, do what you will.

You’re saying you put 1460 hours into this, and these are your results?

<sarcasm> Not all of us are as superior as you ‘Mr. Carmack.’ </sarcasm> :-/

My suggestion to you rlbanister is to just ignore the childish comments that is NOT constructive critisism, otherwise you will get eaten alive. Just realize that they are just prepubescents and go on. Who cares eh?

Anyway, the graphics may not be Doom 3 quality, but they are really not that bad for programmer art. I have seen worse. Like my own art for example. But as far as your actual program, I would have to say nice job, looks good and keep going no matter what anyone else says. What helps a lot of us is to use art and stuff from the internet or other people just to present your engine a little better. Just to make people go wow. Of course, don’t use material in a commercial product that is copyrighted.

Honestly I don’t understand why some people tend to think that everyone’s engine has to have professional quality art. How can us as single programmers produce art for our engines that rivals id software or who ever?

Ok thats enough blabbing, I just felt like I needed to say that.


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You might want to use opengl32.dll next time you release anything.

Also, don’t get offended. It’s their way to be friendly.


From little acorns giant oak trees grow.

There’s a difference between him and his detractors, he did it and is doing it. Sure you might be able to do better, but he’s already a ahead of you by a long way because he did what he could and released it.

If you think it’s ugly then take him up on his offer.

As for the profit motive, there’s no harm in that. Yep there’s a long way to go, worst case he has fun and learns as his profit motive provides the incentive.

i just would liked to see all the data in one zip… so i can just open it and run it… because well, the images are gifs, that kills a lot of the possible quality the engine has, so, when i have the time, i’ll try it. the first impression is not that well, but that is partly because of the gifs… let it look like an old dosgame

i’ll give a correct stament after i tried it… till then: its more than i have done till now. and as i am davepermen, the god of opengl, well…

No, it’s terrible results for that amount of work…unless 4 years ago you had no knowledge of computers, in which case it’s not bad.
Sorry, but I don’t believe in dishonesty - it’s not like you’ve got 6 months to live or anything…you need to work a lot harder to make any money, thats all. Welcome to the real world.

Welcome to the real world.

LOL! I laugh because when I read that I pictured Morpheus on The Matrix saying that to Neo. It’s like you just took poor ol rlbanister out of the matrix and is telling him the truth.


His achievements have taken a long time, but achievements none the less. Be proud of what you have done. The only thing that lacks is some proper artwork. Its always about presentation. Remember were in the age of fancy graphics.

Old GLman

It may be time for a rewrite. So many things have changed in the last 4 years, that (unless he was really forward thinking back then) his framework will no longer be relevant. I’m talking about areas outside graphics.

rlbanister, programmer art should no longer mean this kind of thing - programmer art should mean “free generic models and textures downloaded off the web”…these assets are freely available, and will take you less time to download than creating your models/textures from scratch, while looking 1000% better.


No one here is an idiot, people are just trying to make you understand that your “product” is not so “wonderful” as stated in your site. You think that the fact that you worked alone makes your work better. It’s not, and it never will. Your program, as a hobby, is just fine. But don’t get any ideas on going commercial (not with 4 years product cycle).

Anyway, a little shading can’t be too hard to get…

stay hobby,

Dude, honesty is great, but damn the comments were harsh. The guy is probably still crying in the bathroom with a printed copy of his code!

As programmers we all are we should know how difficult it is to get this accomplished. I think he is damn fine to have gone this far… Ask any Computer Science major in their senior year how much of the code this guy wrote they understand…

So give the guy some credit and help him if you think it is so bad.

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Hi rlbanister,
I’ve looked at your demo/project, and it looks great. At leat, you’ve got something working.