New to programming/coding :/

Hi guys, as you can guess I’m new here, it’s summer and I’ve been bored so, i decided to learn opengl. I’ve tried other ones too like java and c#/c/c++ but those just dont take my fance (for some reason).

So… this has probs been asked like a million times but where do i begin. I would ideally want to make a game or something, but i know that would take years.

tl_dr: need help, dont know where to start T.T

So you barely know C, and want to learn OpenGL to make a game ?

Imagine someone barely knowing a human language asking for help learning keyboard typing “to make a book or something”…

To start with OpenGL read the whole page here :
There is a list of tutorials.

To “make a game” it is better to use an existing game engine, there are a number of free engines available. OpenGL is just a low level system allowing to render graphics fast.

As you sound like a total newbie in programming (no offense), I suggest looking about what is possible with Python/PyGame/PyOpenGL :

If you prefer really learning OpenGL, instead of a game I suggest doing a few visual effects, so it will be more rewarding doing low level high performance graphics.

Have fun !

thanks, to be honest, im just looking to learn right now, and not really make anything decent, and thanks for the links.

As for the game, im not looking to make anything complicated just a simple 2d game.

:slight_smile: Thanks

Hmm, 3d or 2d, where is the difference? Every problem you encounter in a 2d game, you’ll encounter in a 3d game also. I’ve been thinking lately, that it may be better to learn 3d modeling before learning C, or OpenGL. The modeling programs today are a kind of gateways to algorithms you encounter in a 3d game. You can even create games as scripts in these modeling programs. I see today’s modeling programs as prototype game engines, you can use to make a prototype game, then all you need to do is port the scripts and the algorithms they make use of into C/OpenGL and you’re done.