New to C++

Hi all, I am new to C++, learning on my own as of today. I was wondering, should I learn all of C++ basics then add OGL, or should I be trying to learn both. I wanna focus on the graphics side of things, but I obviously need to learn the core of C++ as well. Which way will get me into programming opengl better and sooner or can they not coexist?

Any help greatly appreciated.


You only need to be familiar with the C programming. If you know the meaning of the array and pointers, then you can start to learn OpenGL.

Ehsan Kamrani
Zehne Ziba corporation,
Zehne Ziba managing director

Im pretty new to OGL myself but intermediate at C++, and as Ehsan Kamrani said aslong as you know pointers and arrays you should be fine, but heh why not learn both at the same time, possibly create some basic classes and encapsulate the OGL code, will help with your OO skills :slight_smile:

Learn C first…that was my biggest blunder a few years ago. Take a C++ class. Then get this book:

C++ Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design (Paperback) by Stephen C. Dewhurst