New Red Book?

With all the changes since 1.2 will there be a revised edition of the excellent Red Book?

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This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives

I wonder if anyone has an ETA on this.

Personally I’d wait until 1.5 comes out - I have Eric Lengyel’s Extension guide and there’s little the current Red book and Eric’s book do not cover.

(My 2c)

Thnaks for the quick reply. I have one on order.

if you already don’t have the 1.2 version, it’s worth it’s money; in other cases i would say “that depends on” :-))
but, what i really would appreciate would be a book which really introcudes the useful (!!!) deployment/usage of vp/fp… does anyone know about one such book ?

I don’t even see a table of contents for that book.

More info:,4096,0321197895,00.html
(planned for February),4096,0321173481,00.html
(planned for next week)

Well I doubt I’ll get the new redbook but this OpenGL Shading Language book looks cool. I’ll prolly pick that one up next year.


>> new redbook but this OpenGL Shading
>>Language book looks cool.
acknowledged ! really…

for all you tech-book-addicted (and me,of course laugh) guys i can recommend - they have nearly all tech-books, but with an price-reduction til 50% on some new (!) titles.