New Radeon 9800

Hello all, the engine that I’m writing was humming along nicely on my GeForce2 clone. I upgrade to one of the new Radeons and now every object in my world is textured with the last texture that’s loaded. No code has changed. The only anomaly that jumps out is a dialog that comes up at system start up that says “dll initializtion failed nview.dll”. This dialog began appearing after the installation of the new graphics card. Any ideas? Thanks!

nview.dll is a part of NVIDIA’s driver. This looks like you didn’t successfully install the ATI driver, might have gotten Microsoft’s OpenGL implementation which doesn’t suppport tons of OpenGL features like multitexturing etc.

Go to the control panel, choose add remove software, chose NVIDIA drivers from the list, remove them, don’t reboot, do the same for the ATI drivers, reboot.
Windows runs with VGA driver now or knows the new graphics board and installs a Windows certified driver from a list of drivers which come with the XP installation (not on Win2K). You don’t want that! But might have to wait until Microsoft set its mind. :frowning:
Check the display control panel which driver runs and which version it has.
Finally install the new drivers for your Radeon. Haven’t done that recently but normally they come as a self extracting exe and will unpack somewhere and install.
Check again if the display control panel shows the informations of the newly installed driver.
If not, there is another way via the “Update driver” button in the Device Manager under the tab of the graphics board.
Install from there, whch should replace the currently installed driver even if the new one is not certified.
Check display control panel again.
Try your application.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ll try and reinstall.


I’m not sure if this will help, but when I got the ATI 9600 card the drivers that came with it didn’t work. All they did was mess up my system. Go to the ATI website and download the drivers from there.
I know a couple other people who had the same problems as I did and getting the drivers from ATI’s website worked.

Ati’s website