new opengl tutorial


Ive put online a tutorial on openGl (subject : how to use modelview matrix).
Its writen in french.
I would apreciate french reading contributors to this forum to read it and tell me if they see some mistakes, etc…, before posting the link to the beginner section.

addy : , texts section.

its not totally finished yet (pictures must be redrawns/added, 3 sections are missing, but all in all its there.)

From what I’ve read it’s not bad at all. (I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to read everything).
I like the mathematical point of view mixed with the OpenGL-oriented tutorial. It’s both a theorical and a practical tutorial. pretty cool
There are alot (not so many, but many) of syntax errors though. Hopefully you will get rid of them soon.

I’m looking forward for the complete tutorial !

You are absolutely right.
Im at it :slight_smile:

…and don’t forget to translate it