new glutKeyboardFunc( )?

Hi all, I have a question regarding to the glutKeyboardFunc() function in GLUT. It seems like they have changed the parameters for its call back function. I think my book still uses

void (*func)(unsigned char key, int x, int y));

when the version I have installed in VC++ asks for void (*func) ( int, int, int, int ). I think they change this since version 3… so I was wondering does anyone know what the actual parameters are for this call particular back function? I heard they added a new held down modifier to the keyboard and mouse call back function. But I am not quite sure which one of these 4 parameters is it, and more important the value it stands for. Also do you guys happen to have a link to all the changes and new APIs since version 3? Let me know. You help is greatly appreciated.

oops… haha how stupid can I get? there’s no change and there is no problem with the original call back function. please excuse my false asumptions. everything is ok!