New Dell Axim PPC has OpenGL ES?

Dell rolled out a new Pocket PC (Axim X50v) this week that has an Intel 2700G dedicated 3D GPU onboard w/16MB of video memory.

Does anyone know if this device has an OpenGL ES driver on it, or how you would write an app to take advantage of the 3D hardware on this device?

Well from lack of response I’ll assume everyone else is as much in the dark as I am. :slight_smile:

I did manage to find this document on the Intel website which describes the various OpenGL ES features of the 2700G:

OpenGL ES Framework Software Developers Guide White Paper - For Intel 2700G Multimedia Accelerator

I’d spend the $500 for the device if I knew that I’d have some way to access the GPU.

Well, I’d assume we would have seen an announcement on the front page of this site if a driver would be available. I am awaiting this myself, actually.

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There is an OpenGL ES driver for the Marathon 2700G chip. Unsure if this will have to come from Intel, but it does exist. We have been using it.

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